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Don’t fall for the Seattle/AO bait


So there’s a story saying that fans from the Seattle chapter of the American outlaws have been put in charge of all game day operations for all U.S. men’s national team games.

Unsurprisingly, fans from Columbus (where the next U.S. match is taking place) and Portland (Seattle’s biggest rival) are acting all aggrieved over this supposed “slight.”

Also, unsurprisingly, I’ve had this story sent to me with folks asking “What do you think of this???”

The answer is that I don’t give a shit.

And, honestly, neither should you.

If you’re going to the US-Mexico match, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get to the stadium/bar early (preferably while listening to NASN’s pregame coverage on TuneIn Radio or Stitcher)
  2. Drink
  3. Enter the stadium
  4. Drink more
  5. Cheer loudly and passionately
  6. Don’t be racist
  7. Let your sober buddy drive you home

As a certain other overweight Semitic sportswriter used to put it – that’s it. That’s the list.

Who cares who’s leading cheers? Who cares whether it’s a Seattle or Columbus-based busybody standing and gesticulating at the front of the section?

This isn’t about you. It’s about the 11 guys in red, white, and blue beating the Mexicans and hopefully even clinching qualification for the World Cup.

And if you can’t manage to have fun at a U.S.-Mexico match because of this issue? You have far bigger issues to deal with, my friend.

7 Responses to “Don’t fall for the Seattle/AO bait”

  1. Chris Pavlakos

    The problem is there are bigger issues behind this. AO taking money from USSF means that AO is no longer an autonomous supporter’s group. That is the real issue. Also, AO National should not decide things and then TELL a local chapter how a game will be run in their city. THAT is whats wrong.

  2. Charlie Wray

    From Reddit. Sums up my thoughts exactly.

    cryforburke – the TL;DR for this piece is “you’re stupid for thinking something is important when I don’t think it’s important.”

  3. Anonymous

    You’re right. It’s not about me, it’s not about you. It’s about American soccer. And you know what makes American soccer so great? That it doesn’t have the fucking manufactured bullshit “support” that every other sport in this country does.

    This is absolutely a big deal, you should care.

    • adsfgasd

      you obviously havent seen the sounders band and girls with cymbals playing along during the home games…dont get more manufactured than that

  4. Chicano

    adsfgasd: That’s the Sounders. Not AO Seattle. Two different groups. Sounders = club
    AO = Country

  5. Jacob J. Barker

    Handled poorly – Seattle capo’s clearly more sophisticated and can improve things for everyone but that doesn’t mean better (i.e. comm gear to insure everyone is in snyc). But it got framed (by poor handling by USSoccer) as you guys don’t know shit – were bringing in the pros from Seattle.


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