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Is DC United about to blow up its management team? One prominent agent seems to think so.



I’ve been pretty vocal that I don’t think DC United’s management group, hemorrhaging money everyday at RFK and distracted by the current success of partner Jason Levien‘s Memphis Grizzlies, wouldn’t fire coach Ben Olsen or GM Dave Kasper. Since arriving, all United’s new ownership group has done is cut costs and that has now shown dramatically on the field. Last night, though, prominent American soccer agent Robert Colosia, tweeted the following.

Filtering through the phone-induced typos, what he’s saying is that as soon as the Grizzlies’ season is over, that whole United management team (Olsen, Kasper, et al.) may get blown up. Now I think there’s an argument to be made both in favor and against Olsen’s firing, but I think there’s little to no argument to be made against Kasper’s firing. It would serve as a much-needed show of managerial accountability out of an organization that has avoided it for far too long.

Is it authoritative proof that a shakeup is coming? No. But it’s the first inkling that dramatic (and in my opinion, much-needed) change may be coming to United’s front office sooner rather than later.


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