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Show #11: What do fans want in their club’s stadium?



On the next episode of The Big Question Show, I’ll be talking stadium design and architecture with Jim Renne, design principal and director of design at Rossetti Architects, the firm responsible for MLS stadiums including Red Bull Arena, Rio Tinto Stadium, Home Depot Center, PPL Park and Toyota Park.

We’ll be discussing the challenges of building a soccer specific stadium and how soccer fans and their requirements differ from those of fans of other sports.

Please let me know what questions you have about stadium design and stadium architecture. I’ll choose the best ones to use on the show.

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3 Responses to “Show #11: What do fans want in their club’s stadium?”

  1. Steven

    How about self-sufficiency? As a DC United supporter, I hope that in future plans, architects think about the utlization of all that surface space with a roof.

    Solar cells.

    Think if RBA was fitted with cells in all that roof covering the stands. The energy consumption would be more efficient, beneficial for the area, and would lower one of the biggest expenditures when it comes to stadium expenditures. Additionally, all that potential power could be routed into the grid, helping local residents with power just in case, say…a hurricane were to come through, followed by a snowstorm and took out conventional power for about a week. I mean, that’s just hypothetical, but RBA and Harrison NJ would probably be grateful for whatever energy they can muster if something crazy like that were to ever happen.

    • Steven

      Stadium operations. Sorry.

      But could you imagine the local impact that could have on the sport, knowing that your stadium is harnessing clean energy and distributing it to the locals? The image is so PR friendly, the execs would probably giggle like a schoolgirl for the positive publicity.

  2. Jay

    The ability to Expand.

    Originally being from Houston, which lost the Oilers in the ’90s due to stadium issues and which now has a beautiful new SSS in a prime location, I worry that the MLS could run into a problem a decade or two down the road where these great new stadiums are too small, but having to build a bigger stadium could bring instability w/r/t location within the city or otherwise. In some cases, of course, this may be good opportunity to find better real estate (Dallas).

    Has this been accounted for with the newer stadiums? Is it a common concern?


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