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Help me answer this question. Who was the worst manager in MLS history?


Ruud Gullit will certainly be in the running, I suspect.

I’m working on a potentially very fun feature for this site and the Big Question Show. In order to set up the bit, I need some help from my readers out there. I don’t want to give it all way, but here’s what I need to get it started. I need fans to answer the following question.

Who was the worst manager in the history of Major League Soccer?

Answer that in the poll I’ve included below and feel free to expound a bit on your choices in the comments. Also, if there is a name that I’ve missed, please feel free to write it in to the blank “other” field I’ve included in the poll.

I will reveal the results of this poll as well as the rest of the details surrounding this feature next week.

2 Responses to “Help me answer this question. Who was the worst manager in MLS history?”

  1. Aaron Stollar

    Quick explanation: you’ll see that Thomas Rongen, Peter Nowak, and Steve Sampson aren’t on the list. As bad as they were during their various tenures in MLS, the fact that each of them won a title, for me, eliminates them from the running for a competition to be the WORST coach in MLS history. They might have been bad. They might even have been awful. But I tend to think an MLS Cup title is enough to rule you out of the running.

  2. Miguel Nunez

    You have left off Eddie Firmani, the first ever coach of the MetroStars, who stacked the 1996 roster with crap players and set the stage for all future failures. You’ve also left off Bora Milutinovic, the MetroStars
    coach in 1999, who was absolutely clueless.


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